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Subject:Yuletide Dear Author Letter
Time:11:52 pm
Dear Yuletide Author:
First, apologies for the delay in filling this placeholder- this early Yule has thrown me off.

Second, I’m easy. Honestly. It is almost impossible that you won’t manage to make me happy. 1000 words, preferably in English, and I am good to go.
Third, an expanded version of my requests:

1. Valdemar Series – Mercedes Lackey featuring Tarma shena Talesedrin, and Kethry
Valdemar is my crack. I’ve been a fan of the series since I was about 13 and By the Sword came out. I grew up with Tarma, Kethry, and their family. I’m open to almost anything that features the pair of them being them. Politics, magic, adventure. Supporting casts like Justin and Waarl, random dieties, horse farms and weapons. Rethwellen, Valdemar, all the lot.

I have a not so secret weakness for cracked out crossovers, or just straight up crack.
As for what I would like to not see: I would prefer if nobody got raped. The series has enough rapery and revenge. Nothing too awful should happen to Waarl.

2. Threesome (UK TV) featuring Mitch Ennis, Alice Heston, & Richie Valentine. (and no complaints if Lily shows up)

I’d like any combination of Mitch, Alice, & Ritchie doing almost anything. Pre-series, during the series or post. Optional Baby Lily is Optional. If Princess Lullabye Dream time could make a cameo appearance, that would be great.

If you need some ideas there is always the great daddy-daughter duplo block disaster. The “Talking to your children about Star Wars” episode. The ‘all three fail to learn from history’ featuring the unearthed tasty tasty drugs.
All I ask is that Alice, Mitch and Ritchie don't break up, and there is a happy type ending. (or a joke about happy endings, which is pretty in character too)

3. Chess- Rice/Ulvaeus/Anderson
Florence Vassy,.Frederick Trumper, Anatoly Sergievsky,The Arbiter

In the last year I moved across the country three times. I took a huge number of eight hour solo car rides. My mp3 player was loaded with no fewer than four versions of Chess- the concept, the London, the Broadway, and at least two concerts . Crusing up and down the barren wasteland of I-85 (actually pretty, but NOWHERE to stop). Anyway.
The point is that I had a lot of time to think about Chess.

Make up a back story, give them a future. Set it AU, set it in a feasible time point, make it always 1982 in space. Re-interpret "One Night in Bangkok" as Freddie's anthem of asexual superiority. Pretend the Arbiter is Mycroft Holmes. Set it on Deep Space Nine. Give them talking magical ponies.

In short: Tell me the Chess story that you have always wanted to tell using the Chess characters that you like best. So long as they are "only teasing soviets, with gentle bonhomie', it's great. I’m open to any and all characters – nominated or not- in this fic in any relationship combination.

4. Lets Go to Prison (2006)
Barry (Let's go to Prison), Nelson Biederman IV

It's Barry and his BabyDuck. There is a famouis bit from Friends where Rachel tells everyone that her favorite movie Is the English Patient, but her –actual- favorite movie is Weekend at Bernie’s.

My actual favorite movie is Lets Go to Prison.

Nelson and Barry's unexpected love story. Prison politics. The Baby Duck winery. Maybe they get married? Think of the NYTimes wedding write up. I like crack, I like crossovers, and I'd love it if you tell the Prison story that you want to tell.

5. We Can't Stop | Blurred Lines (VMA Performance)
Robin Thicke (VMA Performance, Miley Cyrus (VMA Performance), Dancing Bears (We Can't Stop | Blurred Lines), Good Girl | Hottest Ho in the Place

Try to win Yultide for me. You know you want to. You the hottest writer in this place.
Tried to domesticate you/ But you're a Yultider/ Baby, it's in your nature/ Just let me liberate you/ Write those crack fics on paper/ MTV is not your maker/ And that's why I'm gonna take a fic/ with you the creator.

Do the Dancing Bears have a labor dispute? Is Miley secretly studying to go to law school and eventually become a Supreme Court justice? Does Robin Thicke ever regret his life choices while cashing giant checks? Is it possible to include the phrase "To the RAPE RACK Cheer Bear"?

Invent it, or anything else, and I'll be happy.
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Subject:Yuletide: The Producers Fic
Time:11:21 pm
I did a Producers Fic for Yuletide: The Retirees

Even Producers have to retire eventually. Max and Leo put on one last show. Brokeback Castro has a nice ring to it.

It's got Max, Leo, a South Florida retirement community, and an original male dog.

I was given an awesome A Life Less Ordinary Fic: Five adventures of Richie Vanderlow (and one he could live without) by buckle_berry. It is seriously awesome for a highly underloved film. Of special interest to anyone familiar with the mid-90's works of Ewan McGregor.
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Subject:Where am I?
Time:11:28 am
A quick note for anyone looking for me:

I'm no longer in Chicago. Moved out, returned the keys, and left. Highly unlikely to be there again anytime soon.

Traveling for a couple of days. Just me and a highly overloaded Camry.

Then I'm going to be moving between Charlotte, NC and the DC area for a bit.

Cell phone and email(s) are the same. Facebook is where to find me easiest at this point, if you need my FB name, drop me a comment.
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Subject:RIP Tucker. 1994-2012
Time:12:55 pm
RIP Tucker. 1994-2012. He was a great and terrible dachshund, and will be missed.
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Subject:Friends Lock Update
Time:01:18 pm
For reasons that are not important at this juncture, I have just friends locked everything in this journal.

I happy happy to friend anyone back who would like access.
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